Residential & BTL

As a mortgage broker are you often frustrated at trying to place a mortgage application that requires an individual approach? At Platinum Options Ltd we work with our panel lenders to provide bespoke products and tailor made solutions.

We have a "can do" attitude and are able to place mortgage applications that high street lenders reject.

We appreciate how important your business is and we aim to provide a quick and professional service that will delight both you and your clients. We pay pretty good proc fees as well.

So why not contact us and see how we can help with that mortgage you are finding difficult to place.

Some example areas where we can help
  • Adverse credit applicants
  • Short term self employed applicants as well as contract/agency workers
  • Standard mortgages based on retirement income for applicants over state retirement age
  • Ex pat mortgages
  • Self build
  • Large loans including interest only mortgages
  • BTLs including first time landlords, no minimum income and where applicants have reached maximum lending limits with other lenders or properties requiring refurb prior to letting
  • First time buyers including social housing and help to buy
  • Professional mortgages

Call us on 01438 567207

Our team are waiting to assist you with a solution to your case so call us on 01438 567207. Should you prefer email, contact us at

Case Studies


Husband and wife age 72 & 76 looking to downsize. They found a property they wish to purchase but had an offer pulled on the one they are selling. Rather than risking missing out on the house they used a bridging loan to purchase the new property and their exit method was once their home sold.

Current house value £1,000,000 | New House Value £400,000 | LTV 40% | Rate 0.49% | Term 12 Months (Regulated) | No Exit Fee | Completed in 10 working days

Strict timeframe

Women Aged mid 40's in Wales Going through a divorce and had a strict timeframe in which to pay off ex-partner or she would lose the house.

House Value £1,850,000 | Loan Size £1,179,114 | LTV 63% | Rate 0.75% | Term 12 Months (Regulated) | No Exit Fee

Unsatisfied ccj's

Man in his 50's with a couple unsatisfied ccj's totalling £13,000 needed to purchase a new house but was unable to get a mortgage. We used his house as security and was able to satisfy his ccj's as well as raise the amount he needed to purchase a new home before selling his current house.

House Value £500,000 | Loan size £350,000 | LTV 70% | Rate 1% | Term 12 Months (Regulated) | No Exit Fee

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