Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files created on your device when you visit websites. The information stored in a cookie is used to provide a better user experience. This is achieved directly by remembering a visitor’s preferences and also indirectly through providing the website owners with information about the visitor’s likes and dislikes which are then fed back into the site design.

How We Use Cookies

We have a very simple cookie policy. We only use cookies where it is adding value to the end user. Cookies can be placed by us (First Party) and also by some of our partners (Third Party). We use two types of cookies:

  • Session Cookies
  • Persistent Cookies

Session Cookies

These are First Party cookies created, managed and destroyed by the website technology. These cookies are created when a visitor first lands on the site and destroyed when the visitor leaves the site. Simple! The information stored in these cookies is very basic, it helps with handling website errors, redirecting visitors to the right section of the site and tracking where the visitors are coming from. No personally identifiable information will be stored or collected.

Persistent Cookies

These are cookies created by third party providers who supply services vital for site operations. These cookies generally have a life time and are automatically destroyed on reaching their expiry time.


Analytics are a class of software which monitor visitor behaviour once on the site e.g. a visitor coming to a site will be given a unique identification number. Along with this identification number the cookie will store where the user came from and when. This information will be stored on the computer where the visitor accessed the site. Moving to another computer, this information will not be available. Through Analytics we can determine how to improve our site so that visitors can find what they are looking for quicker. We use Google Analytics to achieve this.


There are many different types of marketing cookies. Most of them only store information regarding the visit rather than the visitor. For example, once on the site a third party cookie will hold information about the visit along with whether the visitor purchased the product or not. All information is managed only by sophisticated systems which generalise all the information and are not able to identify any visitor by personal information, only through their interaction on our site. Some of the information from marketing cookies might be used for retargeting visitors who have not purchased a certain product. Again, no personal information is stored here and the retargeting merely works on the principle of visiting the site and not buying.

I still don’t trust cookies. How can I avoid them?

We totally understand your concerns. We are working very hard towards providing our visitors an option to stop any cookies being created when on our site. However, given our reliance on this particular technology this will take some time. You can disable cookies from within your browser and this will not allow any website to create cookies.

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Case Studies


Husband and wife age 72 & 76 looking to downsize. They found a property they wish to purchase but had an offer pulled on the one they are selling. Rather than risking missing out on the house they used a bridging loan to purchase the new property and their exit method was once their home sold.

Current house value £1,000,000 | New House Value £400,000 | LTV 40% | Rate 0.49% | Term 12 Months (Regulated) | No Exit Fee | Completed in 10 working days

Strict timeframe

Women Aged mid 40's in Wales Going through a divorce and had a strict timeframe in which to pay off ex-partner or she would lose the house.

House Value £1,850,000 | Loan Size £1,179,114 | LTV 63% | Rate 0.75% | Term 12 Months (Regulated) | No Exit Fee

Unsatisfied ccj's

Man in his 50's with a couple unsatisfied ccj's totalling £13,000 needed to purchase a new house but was unable to get a mortgage. We used his house as security and was able to satisfy his ccj's as well as raise the amount he needed to purchase a new home before selling his current house.

House Value £500,000 | Loan size £350,000 | LTV 70% | Rate 1% | Term 12 Months (Regulated) | No Exit Fee

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